Just Backed

These guys over at MOS have been coming out with surprisingly simple products that are beautifully designed. Now they’ve incorporated my favorite product of their’s into a backpack? Sure it isn’t going to solve everybody’s travel problems but it does simplify charging your devices.

If you’re like me and have more than three devices this won’t solve all of your low battery problems since it only charges three devices at once (two usb, one standard 3 prong plug) and your still required to find a wall outlet to plug into to charge.

While you need to plug it in to charge your devices at least you don’t have to worry about any tangled cables. And of course the genius idea that I haven’t encountered before in other backpacks (haven’t really researched backpacks) is the headphone magnet on the shoulder straps to easily hold your headphones when you take them off.

Even if you don’t back this project keep on eye on them for future projects because something will catch your eye as an organizational problem solver.